2013 Uproot Grenache Blanc

100% Grenache Blanc

Uproot Wines, Santa Ynez, CA


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The bouquet of this wine is like walking along a stony river bank with wild honeysuckle growing nearby. The weight of the wine makes it perfect for a typical red wine drinker, and the bright acidity keeps it crisp and refreshing. This is an excellent dinner party wine.

This is a white wine that can pair well with meat. It's a really great wine for pork and vegetables. This white wine can take you from the beginning to the end of a meal, and you don't say that about a lot of white wines.

Tasting Notes

Grenache Blanc tends to be higher in both alcohol and acidity, as this wine so beautifully exemplifies. The green apple and pineapple notes give it a bubble-blowing pucker for that most prominent bubblegum note. The petrol note that gives it such a unique flavor is dialed back a tad here, giving you more complexity to chew on.

Grenache Blanc is a prolific varietal that produces like crazy if left unchecked. Pruning it back allows the flavor to concentrate in the fruit that remains. Uproot believes so strongly in quality over quantity that they write it into their contract with growers, in this case, in Santa Ynez. They pick it late, to let those flavors develop completely. The result is this full-flavored Grenache Blanc.

Suggested Food Pairings

- Pulled pork shoulder, carnitas style
- Vegetable escabeche


Bottle Size750mL
RegionSanta Ynez, CA
Case Production190
Alcohol By Volume14.7%